Apr 09 2013

Do Indoor Cats Need Vaccines?

Indoor cats need vaccines

Indoor cats need vaccines- Park Pet Hospital

The short answer is yes.  There are two vaccines that are recommended for indoor cats. One is a combination vaccine which is abbreviated to FVRCP (stands for: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia).

The diseases this vaccine protects against are devastating if not fatal. These diseases are viruses which survive in the environment and are transmitted on objects including our own shoes, blankets, brushes, clothing, food bowls ect.. Some of the virus’ are also airborne. Regular traffic in and our of your home exposes your cat to these viruses. An unprotected cat that is exposed to these viruses can suffer chronic upper respiratory infections, life threatening pneumonia, life threatening diarrhea, and body wide sepsis.  Treating these infections require many trips to see your veterinarian, medications, and hospitalization. Despite treatment, 50-90% of cats with panleukopenia die  despite therapy. All this can simply be prevented by following vaccine guideline set by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

The second vaccine that is recommended for indoor cats is Rabies. This is a fatal virus that can infect all mammals including humans. It is spread between animals through direct contact. The most common route of transmission for indoor cats is through bats. Bats and small mammals can make their way into homes and cats are very adept at catching them. Owners of a cat that has gotten rabies are at high risk for contracting this deadly virus.

Do indoor cats require routine vaccination, the answer is yes!

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