Dec 27 2012

Does your pet have bad breath?

Does your pet have bad breath?
Just like in humans, our pets mouths are full of bacteria and require routine care to maintain a healthy pain free mouth. Pets that go months or even years without proper dental care will often have painful mouths and are predisposed to local or systemic diseases. The smell that comes from pets with bad breath is due to high bacterial load in t…heir mouths and in many cases puss that is present around one or several diseased teeth. Your pets teeth should be smooth and white just like your own!

What can we do for pets that have dental disease?
Most pets that have gone months or years without dental care require a dental cleaning and even some teeth extractions in order to get a fresh start on their oral health. At Park Pet Hospital, we provide premium care dental cleaning packages. A dentistry at our hospital starts with a thorough exam of the entire oral cavity and an individual exam of each tooth. Teeth are assessed for chips and fractures, pockets in the gums, root exposure, root infections and abrasions. Full mouth x-rays are done just like in people to evaluate root structure and look for any evidence of disease. Teeth that are diseased are either extracted or restored. The healthy teeth are then cleaned thoroughly and polished.

My pets mouth is healthy now, how can I keep it that way?
There are many things we can do to keep our pet’s mouths healthy and pain free. The most effective tool we can use is routine teeth brushing. Brushing your pets teeth once per day helps reduce the bacterial load present on your pets teeth and prevents the development of dental calculus. Veterinary dental diets have been scientifically proven to reduce calculus build up, stain, and bad breath. Feeding a veterinary dental diet is an easy way to help keep your pets teeth clean and healthy with little effort on your behalf. Another useful tool to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and their breath fresh is using an antibacterial oral gel. These can be purchased at veterinary hospitals and used twice a day. The gels decrease the amount of bacteria in the mouth but do not have the scrubbing action of teeth brushing or a dental diet. Using C.E.T dental chews can also reduce bacteria and provide a scrubbing action on your pet’s teeth.

What about feeding my dog bones?
Unfortunately, bones are not very helpful in promoting a healthy mouth for our pets. When pets chew bones they can easily break their teeth. A broken tooth is an automatic trip to the veterinary dentist! When a tooth fractures the pulp cavity becomes exposed. The pulp cavity contains the nerve and blood supply for the tooth. Not only is having the pulp cavity exposed is not only painful but allows bacteria direct access to the tooth root and will cause a root infection.

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